Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buckle Up

I know, the post have been severely lacking the past few months.  The new addition to our family is set to arrive in about a month so we have been pretty preoccupied getting the house ready for him.  With that being said we are also trying to prepare our Toshi dog for the changes that will be directly impact him.  Toshi is pretty much our child right now. We spend everyday, all day together.  This means that he rides in the car each day on his way to and from work.  Toshi does not have the best car habits and I'm sure its my fault, since I did not correct him when he was younger but if you remember that cute picture from when we first took him home I'm sure you would have had a hard time as well.  Anyway, Toshi insist on sitting on the arm rest right next to my face.  I have tried to put him in the back seat, I have tried the front seat, I have tried pushing him off or putting a barrier from the front to the back however nothing seems to work.  He is pretty persistent and I do not like to keep pushing him while I'm trying to drive.  Since we are going to have a baby in the car very shortly we realized this is not the way we want to drive around.  Enter the doggie seat belt.  I've had it for about a week now and so far its not too bad.  Toshi is not a fan and he can still get up open the arm rest, however if I push him to the front seat he seems to just stay there and I do not have to worry about him when I have to use the  breaks or make tight turns, this is a huge deal.  Once the baby gets here I do plan on placing him in the back seat with his seat belt, which will ultimately keep him from getting up front and make the car safe for everyone.
This was our first day, please excuse the wrong use of the harness.

Now we have it figured out

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